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Enjoy a FREE BCycle DAY PASS on Friday, May 7th – Thanks to BOULDER MAGAZINE!

We have once again partnered with our wonderful local publication,Boulder Magazine, and they are offering a FREE day of trips to you on May 7th!

All day on Friday, May 7th, you can take FREE* unlimited 30-minute trips on both our classic pedal and ebikes! Next Friday looks to be sunny + warm so get ready to ride!

Best to download the free BCycle App so you can find a station near you that will indicate the # of pedal  and/or ebikes available. Select Day Pass and enter the promo code: FREERIDE (37337433).

*Remember all the rules apply, so be sure to keep your trips to 30 mins as overtime fees still apply.

Go pick up the latest Boulder Magazine Spring Issue on a stand near you!!

Thanks Boulder Mag and Happy Spinning!


YES! It is true what you may (or may not) have heard: Boulder Bike Sharing will be dropping 100 pedal-assist ebikes into our system starting this Friday, February 26th! We beat our own launch date by a week!

Through a partnership with BCycle/Trek Bikes. These ebikes will allow riders to get up hills with ease and go farther faster, with a goal of replacing car trips and facilitating multimodal lifestyles while enabling the decade-old Boulder Bike Sharing nonprofit to experiment with a new business model. The Electric bikes will be available to all Boulder B-cycle system riders, including participants of Boulder Bike Sharing’s existing and planned equity initiatives, as the organization seeks to do its part to advance social and climate justice. Download the BCycle app or head to for more information on the system’s passes, which range from pay-per-trip to monthly and annual options.

Trek’s BCycle Electric bikes feature a best-in-class BOSCH motor, Shimano brakes for safe and reliable performance in all seasons and front & rear integrated lighting for safe and visible riding. They are Class 1 ebikes with smooth pedal assist, making electrified riding feel instantly familiar to all bike riders.

Since May of 2011, Boulder Bike Sharing has been providing Boulder with reliable bike-sharing service, and the Boulder B-cycle system now counts 300 shared bikes across key areas and destinations in Boulder. Boulder was an early adopter of bike sharing, and the Boulder B-cycle system still ranks among the largest and densest for cities of a similar population. The Boulder B-cycle system has provided over 100,000 shared bike trips every year since 2017, and in 2020 set a new annual record for system use as CU students flocked to the service during the fall semester. Boulder Bike Sharing’s 2020 strategic plan calls for the electrification of the system and the exploration of partnerships and regional opportunities, and in partnership with Trek riders of the Boulder B-cycle system are almost certain to establish new ridership records in 2021.

  • Boulder B-cycle vs. The Gym

    by Sara Michaels | Apr 29,2015

    Looking to get in shape and save money? Consider your options:

    BBC vs Gym_final-01
  • Who the heck are we?—Our Organizational Structure

    by Sara Michaels | Apr 21,2015

    Boulder B-cycle is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit with 3 full-time and 5 part-time employees. We are not a program of the City of Boulder, and we are not a large corporate franchise.

    Pictured: The whole darn operation.

    Most people are surprised to learn these facts, so we’d like to take this opportunity to provide some clarity as to how our organization is structured, and what impact that has on you as a rider.

    Relationship With The City of Boulder

    While we are not a program of the City of Boulder, we do operate under a master agreement with the city. This means that we are beholden to certain standards of operation and key performance measures as established by the city.

    You know. The fun stuff.

    We also receive some of our operational funding from city programs and departments, including Go Boulder and Boulder Parking Services. As bike share programs have been demonstrated to reduce single occupancy vehicle travel, we have been integrated into the city’s plans to increase total cycling mode share. For more details on how we fit into these plans, see the City of Boulder’s Transportation Master Plan.

    B-cycle LLC and the B-cycle Brand

    If you’ve spent time in Denver or other cities with bike share systems, you’ve likely noticed that we’re not the only ones running a B-cycle system. More than 25 other cities around the world run B-cycle-branded systems. For the most part, each of these systems is operated as an independent nonprofit, just as we are. As such, Denver B-cycle, Austin B-cycle, Charlotte B-cycle, and all other B-cycle cities are completely separate entities from Boulder B-cycle. While we do often interact with other cities and communicate best operational practices, we share no staff, no business plans, and no central office.

    Like a bunch of lone wolves. Who occasionally talk.

    So, where does the branding and B-cycle name come from? The answer is our supplier, B-cycle LLC. B-cycle LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trek bikes based out of Waterloo, Wisconsin. On the hardware side, they design and manufacture the bikes and stations found in all B-cycle cities. On the software side, they design the front end software with which users interact, the back end database that all B-cycle systems use, our website platform and the official B-cycle mobile app. Annual membership reciprocity between cities is a benefit of independent operators sharing the same hardware and software.

    Boulder B-cycle purchases our bikes and stations from B-cycle LLC and pays them a monthly software fee. It is up to us to locate and maintain all bikes and stations, sell memberships, and provide customer service and member support.

    What This Means For You

    Whether you realize it or not, the structure of our organization does affect the experience you have as a rider. We frequently hear very valuable feedback from our riders about improvements that could be made to our system. When it comes to changing the way our program is operated, we’ve been happy to take rider suggestions into account when expanding the hours our fleet technicians work, looking for new station locations, increasing our operating hours, and improving member outreach. One of the benefits of being a small organization is that we’re able to be flexible in our practices in pursuit of a better rider experience.

    When riders give suggestions for feedback regarding software or hardware, the situation becomes a bit more difficult. To be blunt, there are dozens of improvements that we would love to see made to bikes, stations and software. If the design of our own bikes and software was under our local control, we could implement a range of fixes in the very near future that would significantly improve the customer experience.

    Sometimes, we’re able to take matters into our own hands. One of the most frequent complaints we received from riders was that the official B-cycle mobile app, in a word, sucked. We agreed. Rather than waiting for B-cycle LLC to improve the official app, our staff worked one-on-one with TalentRiot, a local software developer, to produce an app called B-cycle Now that met our standards. We’ll be writing more about B-cycle Now and the generous pro-bono contribution of TalentRiot’s staff time shortly.

    B-cycle Now Screenshot
    If you haven't downloaded it yet, do yourself a favor and get it for iOS or Android.

    Developing a mobile app is one thing, completely redesigning a bike is another. Know that your concerns about software and hardware are being heard, and that we never hesitate to pass your feedback along to B-cycle LLC when needed. The reality is that our supplier is a subsidiary of a very large company, and as such is not subject to the same nimble startup mentality that we are as a small business.

    This having been said, we remain confident that B-cycle LLC is the best provider of bike share equipment in the world—You can read about the trials of systems who selected other vendors here, here and here.

    As always, we welcome any and all feedback on how we’re doing. Email us at or call us at 303-532-4412

  • Welcome to the new!

    by The Boulder B-cycle team | Mar 09,2015
    You may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here. This isn't just a fresh coat of paint—we've rebuilt our website from the ground up with the goal of creating a much more friendly and intuitive experience for our riders.

    All the same features from the old website are here, plus a whole host of improvements:
    1. Mobile-friendly design (finally!)
    2. Improved login controls for existing riders
    3. Updated blog platform
    4. A robust visitors section to help out our out-of-town riders
    5. Additional information on how to get involved with our nonprofit, including volunteering and donating your time and resources.

     Have a look around, and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Happy riding!​

  • New to bike sharing? Win a free annual pass on Winter Bike to Work Day!

    by Boulder BCycle | Jan 25,2015

    If you've never tried bike sharing before, why not dive head first into the deep end?

    Wednesday, January 28th is Winter Bike to Work and School Day. If you buy a 24-hour pass to use that day, you'll be automatically entered into a drawing for a free Annual Pass.

    Here's how it works:

    1. On Wednesday, January 28th, buy a 24-hour pass at any station or online
    2. Make sure your contact information is entered correctly
    3. Use your pass to B-cycle to work, school, or anywhere around town
    4. We'll pick a winner at the end of the day!

    This contest is open to first-time riders only. As always, remember to keep each trip under 30 minutes. Happy riding!

  • 10th & Walnut is moving!

    by Boulder BCycle | Sep 29,2014

    Later this week, the 10th & Walnut B-station will be relocated to its new home at Folsom and Colorado.

    Even though some riders have used this station regularly, unfortunately, 10th & Walnut has historically been among our lowest-used stations. Our site planning research has led us to the conclusion that this station would better serve the Boulder community elsewhere, and Folsom and Colorado was determined to be the best possible location.
    The satisfaction of our annual members is very important to us. 11th & Pearl, just around the corner, will remain in place as an option for destinations previously served by 10th & Walnut. Furthermore, we are currently undertaking fundraising efforts to add a future station at 9th & Pearl to better serve the West End.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. As always, thanks for riding.
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