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Record Number of Annual Trips for 2020!! // December 29, 2020

by Sara Michaels | Dec 29, 2020
Boulder B-cycle Trips 2018-2020 Year-to-Date

This year we officially set a new ANNUAL RECORD for system use! More TRIPS were taken in the year of 2020 than any previous year! Thanks to all our members, partners and riders for all the trips that were taken to reach this pinnacle, and the year isn't over just yet! 

Because we were seen as an 'essential' service when the pandemic began back in March, we jumped right in with the cleaning and sanitizing of all our station and bike touch points.  Our bikes were deemed safer than public transport (bus) and also ride share (Lyft, Uber). This really increased trips once the order loosened for folks to go to school, work and other essential locations. 

As we roll into our 10th year providing bike share for the Boulder community (we turn 10 on May 20th!) - we aim to continue this trend, follow the state's COVID orders and be sure you have a safe and reliable bike to ride anywhere you need to go!

Stay healthy and happy out there, Boulder!

Interested in sponsoring Boulder B-cycle or acquiring a corporate membership?  Simply contact: Sara Michaels, Boulder Bike Sharing Marketing, Communications, and Sponsorship Manager,

Thanks and Keep on Spinning!

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