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YES! It is true what you may (or may not) have heard: Boulder Bike Sharing will be dropping 100 pedal-assist ebikes into our system starting this Friday, February 26th! We beat our own launch date by a week!

Through a partnership with BCycle/Trek Bikes. These ebikes will allow riders to get up hills with ease and go farther faster, with a goal of replacing car trips and facilitating multimodal lifestyles while enabling the decade-old Boulder Bike Sharing nonprofit to experiment with a new business model. The Electric bikes will be available to all Boulder B-cycle system riders, including participants of Boulder Bike Sharing’s existing and planned equity initiatives, as the organization seeks to do its part to advance social and climate justice. Download the BCycle app or head to for more information on the system’s passes, which range from pay-per-trip to monthly and annual options.

Trek’s BCycle Electric bikes feature a best-in-class BOSCH motor, Shimano brakes for safe and reliable performance in all seasons and front & rear integrated lighting for safe and visible riding. They are Class 1 ebikes with smooth pedal assist, making electrified riding feel instantly familiar to all bike riders.

Since May of 2011, Boulder Bike Sharing has been providing Boulder with reliable bike-sharing service, and the Boulder B-cycle system now counts 300 shared bikes across key areas and destinations in Boulder. Boulder was an early adopter of bike sharing, and the Boulder B-cycle system still ranks among the largest and densest for cities of a similar population. The Boulder B-cycle system has provided over 100,000 shared bike trips every year since 2017, and in 2020 set a new annual record for system use as CU students flocked to the service during the fall semester. Boulder Bike Sharing’s 2020 strategic plan calls for the electrification of the system and the exploration of partnerships and regional opportunities, and in partnership with Trek riders of the Boulder B-cycle system are almost certain to establish new ridership records in 2021.


Mobile App checkout is here! Download the new app today

by Sara Michaels | Mar 07, 2017
We're excited to announce that as of today, you can check out bikes using your mobile device and the brand-new BCycle app:

Checkout bikes, manage your account, or get directions

Note: this is a different app from the B-cycle Now app that most of you are using. While it remains a great tool for visualizing bike availability, B-cycle Now will not allow mobile bike checkout.

B cycle now vs Bcycle app

You can download it now for iOS or Android.

Here's how mobile checkout works:

  • Once you've downloaded the BCycle app, log into your account via the icon in the top right corner
  • Make sure you give the app access to your phone's GPS
    • Mobile checkout won't work without GPS!
  • Stand next to the station you want to access and tap that station's icon on your app
  • Tap the Get a bike button that pops up below the station icon
  • Enter the dock number and tap Checkout
For complete information on all the new features of the BCycle app, click here.

Don't have a smartphone, or just don't want another app? Our stations now also allow checkout via text message. Here's how that works:

  • Make sure you have a current mobile phone number attached to your Boulder B-cycle membership
  • Walk up to any station and follow the prompts onscreen to checkout a bike
  • Choose "Keep Riding" and enter your mobile phone number
  • Our database will text you a 6-digit code
  • Enter that code at the station and choose your bike!

Like always, you can still check out bikes using your B-card and the credit card you have on file with your membership. 

App-y Riding!
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