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Welcome students, faculty and staff!

Naropa University students, faculty, and staff are eligible for free (e)bike sharing passes.

Bike sharing provides an eco-friendly, convenient and cost-effective way to connect to public transportation, run errands around town, de-stress and navigate Boulder without worrying about parking, locks, or bike maintenance.

In 2021 we added pedal-assist e-bikes into our fleet. Learn more about our e-bikes here. By 2022 our entire fleet will be electric and we'll bid farewell to our trusty classic pedal bikes. 

Boulder BCycle's system of 300 (e)bikes at 48+ stations around Boulder includes stations at both the Naropa University Main Campus at 21st & Arapahoe and the Paramita campus at 30th & Glenwood.

Year-round students and faculty are eligible for free Annual Passes (discounted from $150). Intensive students are eligible for free Monthly Passes (discounted from $20).

Annual & Monthly Passes include an unlimited number of 60-minute trips. Grab a bike from any station and ride it to any other as many times as you want, as often as you want, all year round. Be mindful to return your bike before the 60-minute limit to avoid overtime fees. 

Click the accompanying buttons for your discount promo code, or check out any of the links above to learn more about Boulder's bike share program.

Happy riding!
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