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Bike sharing is defined by short, station-to-station trips.
Pick the pass type that works for you:


Day Tripper
$8/24 hours

Just visiting?
It's the best way to see Boulder.


People's Pedaler

It's like Netflix.
For bikes.


Republic Rider

Business savvy?
Get the most for your money.


Casual Cruiser
$0 To Join

For the free spirits:
Only pay for what you use.

Pass Benefits_2017_6

Overtime fee billing schedule varies by pass type. Click here for full details.

*Students: Use code STUDENT (case-sensitive) with your .edu email address when signing up for a $40 Republic Rider pass. Learn more about corporate programs here.

Boulder B-Cycle Replacement Fees

B-Cycle Key Replacement  $10
B-Cycle Bike Replacement  $1200
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