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Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

  1. What is Boulder B-cycle?

  2. What's a B-cycle?

  3. What’s the point of B-cycle if I already own a bike?

  4. Where are Boulder B-stations located?

  5. Who is Boulder B-cycle?

How to Ride Boulder B-cycle

  1. Purchase entry pass

  2. Check out a bike from any B-station.

  3. Keep every trip short to avoid overtime fees!

  4. Return your bike at any B-station. Repeat by starting a new trip!

Using Boulder B-cycle

  1. What are Boulder B-cycle's hours?

  2. Can I check out a bike immediately after returning a bike?

  3. How do I use the B-cycle's cable lock?

  4. What do the lights and sounds on the dock mean?

  5. What if I want to keep a bike all day or longer?

  6. How do I check out B-cycles in other cities using my Republic Rider pass?

  7. Is it legal to ride a bike without a helmet?

  8. What if I want to reserve a bike?

  9. Why can’t I sign up for a longer pass at a station?

  10. Can I use my pass to check out more than one bike?

  11. What if I am involved in an accident?

B-cycle account management

  1. When does my access period begin?

  2. Can I buy more than one pass with my credit card?

  3. What should I do if I have questions about a credit card charge?

  4. Can I change to a different pass type if I want?

  5. What's with all these notifications I'm getting?

  6. How do I find my personal ride statistics?


  1. I returned a bike to a station, but I just received a notification that my bike is still checked out. What’s going on?

  2. I tried to check out a bike and it seemed to work, except I couldn't get the bike out of the dock while it was beeping. Help!

  3. I tried to check out a bike with my phone number, but I didn’t receive a text code. What’s going on?

  4. Why isn't my B-card working?

  5. What if a station is empty, but I want to check out a bike?

  6. What if a station is full and I need to find an empty dock to return a bike?

  7. What if a bike has a flat tire or other maintenance problem?

  8. Why does my account status say "Not Activated?"

  9. Why isn't the app working?

  10. What should I do if I’ve lost my B-card?

  11. How do I change or update my credit card information?

  12. What if I want to cancel my pass?

  13. What should I do if a bike gets damaged while I have it checked out?

  14. What if I lose the key to a B-cycle's cable lock?

  15. What if the bike is stolen? Will I be financially responsible for the loss of the bike?

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