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Welcome Back CU Boulder Students, Faculty & Staff!

About Boulder B-cycle:

Boulder B-cycle's system of 300 bikes at over 45 stations around Boulder includes 16+ stations serving CU's Boulder campuses.

Bike sharing provides an eco-friendly, convenient and cost-effective way to connect to public transportation, run errands around town, de-stress and navigate Boulder without worrying about parking, locks, or bike maintenance.

Click the accompanying buttons below to claim your pass, or check out any of the links to learn more about Boulder's nonprofit bike share program.

1/ Your pass includes an unlimited number of 60-minute trips. Please return the bike to a B-cycle station within 60-min.
Any overtime will be charged on your credit card at $3/30-mins. 
2/ When you return a bike back to a dock: Be sure you hear 3 BEEPS and see the green light BLINK 3x. You will also receive a confirmation text.
Double-check the bike was returned to the dock correctly if these indicators are not present. 
3/ A station is full and you don't have time to dock at a nearby station? Simply lock the B-cycle to a nearby rack or post using the included cable lock in the basket (key is black round knob by the key hole). If there is nothing to lock the bike to securely - please run the cable lock through the front wheel and park it near the full station out of the way of traffic, then contact to alert us of the free range bike.  
4/ SMILE behind your mask and have fun!!

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Full-Time Active Students: 

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Faculty & Staff:


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Department Heads:

Looking for a fun, convenient and low-cost way for visiting students to experience Boulder by bike?

What better way than getting them on B-cycles with our demo program:

CU Demo Program Info

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