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Boulder BCycle Registration for
Boulder Students, Faculty & Staff!

About Boulder BCycle:

Bike sharing provides an eco-friendly, convenient and cost-effective way to connect to public transportation, get to class, run errands around town, de-stress and navigate Boulder without worrying about parking, locks, or bike maintenance. Our pedal-assist e-bikes will get you there efficiently and with a dash of fun!

Click the accompanying buttons below to claim your pass, or check out any of the links to learn more about Boulder's exclusive bike share program.

1/ Your pass includes an unlimited number of 60-minute trips. Please return the bike to a BCycle station within 60-min. Any overtime will be charged on your credit card at $5/every 30-mins.
2/ When you return a bike back to a dock: Be sure you hear 3 BEEPS and see the green light BLINK 3x. You will also receive a confirmation text. Double-check the bike was returned to the dock correctly if these indicators are not present. 
3/ A station is full? Avoid this problem by using the BCycle App that will indicate the nearest free dock to your destination.
4/ Some of our e-bikes include a cable lock (located in basket) and can be locked to a nearby rack or post. E-bikes w/o a cable lock included MUST be returned securely to a dock for proper return and avoidance of overtime fees or revoked pass. Always contact customer care to alert us of any issues.  
5/ There is a $26 temporary, pre-authorization when joining/renewing.
6/ SMILE behind your mask and have fun!!

CU Rec Center Statoin

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