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Welcome Boulder Junction Residents and Employees!
Claim your FREE Republic Rider (Annual) pass:

A Boulder B-cycle rider next to a B-station

All Boulder Junction residents and employees are eligible for a FREE Republic Rider pass: that's a full year of bike sharing!

Whether you’re commuting or just adventuring around town, Boulder B-cycle is simple:

    •Check out a bike from any station

    •Ride 0-60 minutes

    •Return to any station

    •Repeat until your pass expires

With several stations serving the 30th & Pearl corridor among a network of 40+ throughout Boulder, a B-cycle is never far away. Use our app for iOS and Android to find stations and check out bikes. And one of the best perks? We’re always open!

Apply promo code BLDJ4867 below to claim your FREE Republic Rider (annual) pass.

Get Rolling:

Choose a Membership

Environmental Center-sponsored annual pass for full-time CU Boulder students. MUST ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. $3/half hour fees apply to all trips over 60 minutes.


$1* for the first half hour of each trip, $3 for every half hour after that. (*=subject to change)

This access type will automatically renew upon expiring. Renewal settings can be changed anytime by logging into your Account.


Get an unlimited number of 30 minute trips in a 24-hour period. $3/half hour fees for trips over 30 minutes.


Auto-renewing monthly subscription for an unlimited number of 60-minute* trips. $3/half hour for trips over 60 minutes. (*=subject to change)


Get an unlimited number of 90-minute* trips; take your time and ride! $3/half hour fees for trips over 90* minutes. (*=subject to change)

RFID cards allow you to check out bikes by simply tapping the card where indicated.

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