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Two New Stations: Timber Ridge @ Adams Circle & SEEC @ Discovery Drive!

by Kevin Bell | Aug 28, 2018
While 45 stations was a nice, round number, we just couldn't help ourselves: Two new stations are up and running for you to use, bringing our total to 47! Check it out:

Timber Ridge @ Adams Circle

Timber Ridge

The installation of this station was sponsored by Timber Ridge, who are also providing discounted bike sharing passes to their residents! The station is located on Adams Circle west of 30th street, between Colorado Avenue and Aurora Avenue. This station has been in the ground for a little while now, so you may have already made use of it—we just had to clear a bit of red tape before announcing it!

SEEC @ Discovery Drive


The SEEC @ Discovery Drive station is sponsored by the University of Colorado's Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community in support of their vision. SEEC is also providing heavily discounted annual passes for their faculty & staff! The station is located on Discovery drive, just north of Colorado Avenue and west of Foothills Parkway.

Standard note: if we haven't yet installed a station where you'd like to see one, it comes down to a combination of three factors: funding, permission, and density. These locations were installed because we had all three!
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