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Corporate riders

The Corporate Pass

The Boulder B-cycle Republic Rider (annual) pass  includes all trips under 60 minutes for employees who register. Corporate Membership programs have a host of benefits for employers, including:


A Boulder B-cycle corporate membership program is a low-cost way to give your company a leg up. Improve  your attractiveness through a more holistic benefits package.

Even a small amount of time spent outside on a bike can make a difference in employees’ happiness. Plus, acess to Boulder B-cycles can mean a relief from parking and other transportation-related headaches that employees in Boulder face.

Healthy employees are high-performing employees. Boulder B-cycle riders have burned 23 million calories and counting!

The flexibility of bike sharing gives employees more mobility during the workday and outside of work. Bike sharing also makes connecting to public transit a breeze, saving employees time and money during their commutes.

Corporate Pricing

Boulder B-cycle’s Corporate Membership pricing is based on the total size of your eligible employee base, and is typically billed in a single sum upon the signature of your corporate membership contract. Whether you want to include part time or temporary employees is up to you. The chart below details price breaks by the size of your workplace.

Company Size

Cost Per

Discount From
Retail ($88)













Branding Visibility


Want visibility on our bikes as well? Boulder B-cycle can package brand visibility with Corporate Memberships.

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How Corporate Passes Work

Set Up Code

We set up a unique promotion code for your employees to register at a discounted or free rate

Register Pass

Employees sign up online for the Republic Rider pass using your promo code and their personal credit cards.

Ride Any Bike 0-60 Minutes

Employees are responsible for overtime fees for any trips exceeding 60 minutes.

Return To Any Station

Dock bike firmly to end each trip.

Repeat Until Pass Expires

Access any bike to start a new trip.

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