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  • 5 reasons why fall is the best time to bike

    by Kevin Bell | Oct 19,2016

    (Editor’s note: all opinions contained herein are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Boulder B-cycle as a whole.)

    (Editor’s note two: the ‘editor’ referenced herein is also the author of this blog post. We’re a very small company.)

    While summer is the time of year that most people associate with outdoor recreation—cycling included—not all of us here at Boulder B-cycle love summer biking the most. I’d like to make the case that fall biking is way, way better. In fact, I’m going to go one step further and make this the hottest of hot takes: Fall is far and away the best season for biking. Let me break it down for you:

    1. The weather

    While Colorado is fortunate to be free from the moist, sticky grip of the stifling humidity that plagues, well, most of the rest of the world, there’s no denying that summer here is still hot. So hot, in fact, that for a few months out of the year, most of us don’t even feel like ourselves because we can’t wear the Official Colorado Uniform: the flannel shirt.

    Flannel Shirt

    AKA 35% of my personality

    So, when you do choose to get out there bike around in the summer heat, even clad in some clearly inferior breathable item, along comes a little pal known as sweat.

    Keith Sweat
    Not this one, unfortunately.

    And I get it: not everyone is a perpetually damp perspiration monster like I am. Especially with the cooling effect of the Boulder Creek, a summer spin around town can be quite refreshing. But think about it this way: what do we love most about fall? We love coming in from a crisp evening to hot drinks and fireplaces. Fall biking warms you in exactly the same way that these familiar comforts do.

    What I’m saying is that biking is the pumpkin spice latte of fall recreation.

    2. The apparel

    Undeniably, summer cycling attire has its utility and even its acolytes, but given the choice of year-round fashion icon, not all of us would choose Dennis Christopher in Breaking Away.

    Dennis Christopher Breaking Away

    I just don't have the arms for it.

    Fall cycling gives us the opportunity to don a universally flattering and always iconic piece of outerwear—the jacket. I’m talking bombers, boleros, harringtons, windbreakers, even nehru jackets if that’s your jam. Once October hits, you too can join the leagues of Cool Jacket People and bike around town looking like The Fonz, Beatrix Kiddo, Michael Jackson, or, if you want to take your accessory game to the next level and add gloves to the mix, Ryan Gosling in Drive.

    Ryan Gosling's Biking

    A real human being, and a real hero.

    3. The scenery

    Fall hits every sense in a way that no other season does: it’s unmatched for variety of color, smell, sound, and (probably) taste, for those of you brave enough to chow down on the Colonel’s Original Recipe Extra Crispy Foliage.

    Kentuck Fried Leaves
    Tastes like harvest.

    The Boulder Creek Path may provide a cool respite from the summer heat, but let’s face it: fall is a superior season for Creek Path recreation. There’s something uniquely magical about whizzing through falling leaves that I can’t quite put my finger on.

    hyper leaves
    Wait—there it is.

    4. The festivities

    Fall is just lousy with awesome stuff that you can bike to without breaking a sweat—hayrides, trick-or-treating, football games, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, orchards, and just about everything else that fattens you up for the long winter.

    But you’re not worried about that, because you’re working off those calories by bike. Smart!

    Plus, it’s rare to be able to ride around on a bike in costume without getting funny looks.

    Bike costume

    Well, it would be rare if we lived in a normal city. But you get the idea. Source.

    5. Discounted B-cycle passes!

    Bet you didn't see that coming—You just got Content Marketed!

    Right now, you can sign up and get $11 off a Republic Rider (Annual) pass—normally $88. Use the code FALLBIKE to take advantage of this offer. And don’t tell me you don’t need a B-cycle because you own a bike—that’s no excuse!

    What are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy a chill in the air, leaves in your hair, and no sweat in your underwear!

    Start Riding

  • The Top Ten Reasons to Add Boulder B-cycle to Your Bike Collection

    by Kevin Bell | Aug 24,2016

    We hear it all the time from people who have never used bike sharing: “I don’t need a B-cycle. I have my own bike.”

    But we’re not trying to replace your bike. Our riders know this, as evidenced by the fact that 93% of them own a bike.

    Yup. 93%. That’s more than own cars, by the way.

    So what’s going on here?

    The fact is, bike sharing is a totally new mode of transportation—one that has a host of benefits distinct from bike ownership, and one that deserves to be in your arsenal. Straight from the mouths of our riders, here’s why:

    10. It’s the only way to take one-way bike trips.

    one way trips from a to b

    There’s no getting around it: If you want to get from A to B and leave your bike without having to come back to B, bike sharing is the only way to do it. Just click your bike into any station, and you’re done. You can start riding again from any other station.

    You can’t get that flexibility from your own bike.

    9. Ride in Denver (and 20 other cities) without having to haul your bike.

    Map of other B-cycle cities

    If you ever leave the Boulder bubble, you need to become a Republic Rider. Not only does that pass get you an unlimited number of 60-minute trips in Boulder, but you can also use it in Denver and 20 other cities (and counting!) around the country at no extra cost.

    8. Chain guard. Mudflaps. Keep that organic hemp outfit squeaky clean.

    Rear view of a B-cycle fender

    Riding a bike can be messy, but not a B-cycle. Every bike is equipped to keep that outfit in pristine condition. You can even ride a bike in a suit—which would matter more if Boulder weren’t one of the worst-dressed cities in America.

    Oh, well. At least you can keep that Patagonia jacket looking good?

    7. Only want to ride downhill? You can do that.

    A B-cycle riding down a hill

    See also point #1: you don’t have to start and end your trips in the same place, ever.  Ride the bus up the hill, ride a bike down. Repeat. That’s flexibility you can’t get with a regular bike.

    6. Bike to bus to work: Connecting to public transit is a breeze.

    Bus2bike2work movie poster

    Speaking of buses, if you’ve ever tried to combine biking and public transit in Boulder, you’ve probably run into a snag: buses only hold two bikes each. That’s not enough space for Boulder! If you B-cycle to a bus, that’s not a problem. Just chuck the bike in a dock, and your trip is done.

    5. Docks > locks.

    A B-cycle being returned to a dock

    Checking out and returning a B-cycle is fast. Like, really, really fast. On top of that, once a bike is in a dock, it’s not your problem anymore. Worried that your cable lock isn’t going to hold up when you lock your bike up downtown? Ride a B-cycle instead and don’t sweat it.

    4. You’ll never guess how much fair trade granola fits in the basket.

    B-cycle basket full of granola

    Here’s a hint: it’s 20 pounds. We’ve seen all kinds of Boulder things in baskets that wouldn’t work in a shoulder bag: pastries, fresh produce from the farmer’s market, a case of craft beer, yoga gear—you name it.

    3. Keep 300 bikes in your wallet: B-cycles are there when you need them and gone when you don’t.

    A B-cycle card being used

    Life is full of uncertainties. Don’t know what your plans will be for the day? Don’t know what the weather is going to be like? Don’t know if you’ll feel like biking? You could gamble and haul your own bike along just in case, or you could bring your Boulder B-cycle pass. It’s the size of a credit card. If you don’t end up using it, no sweat. If you do, you have 300 bikes at 40 stations at your disposal.

    2. We handle the maintenance, you handle the fun.

    Fleet technician fixing a B-cycle

    There’s nothing quite so disappointing as looking forward to a nice, relaxing bike ride only to find out your tire is flat, your chain is broken, or your gears are slipping. Sure, you may enjoy the satisfaction of tuning and repairing your bike, but that doesn’t change the fact that in a pinch, everyone needs a backup plan. Our team keeps every Boulder B-cycle in top shape. Throw a Casual Cruiser pass in your wallet and give yourself peace of mind—it’s free.

    1. No Spandex Necessary.

    A stylish man rides a B-cycle

    With a step-through frame and a comfortable seat, B-cycles let you hop from the boardroom or classroom to lunch without a change of clothes. I mean, you can wear spandex if you really want. If that's your thing. No judgement.

    There you have it: Boulder B-cycle is simple, fast, convenient, and flexible. It’s a way to ride bikes more often, because it does things a normal bike can’t.

    Start riding today. We have pass options for Boulderites from every walk of life.

    Learn More

  • Rider alert: Two station relocations coming next week

    by Kevin Bell | Jul 25,2016
    We've got some exciting news! Two of our least-used stations are being relocated next week to higher-traffic areas in an effort to improve our service network.

    Here's what's up:

    33rd & Fisher moving to 30th & Diagonal
    Tuesday, 8/2

    33rd & Fisher moving to 30th & Diagonal

    This Boulder County-supported station is moving from the Clerk & Recorder's Building at 33rd & Fisher to the southeast corner of 30th & Diagonal Highway, next to the Bus-Then-Bike shelter. This relocation will provide service to riders de-boarding buses coming into Boulder off of the Diagonal Highway.  

    Thanks again to Boulder County for their ongoing support of our program! 

    Closest station to old site: 38th & Arapahoe


    Wilderness Place moving to 9th & Pearl
    Wednesday, 8/3


    Wilderness Place moving to 9th & Pearl


    This relocation, funded by our 2015 Colorado Gives Day campaign, will move the Wilderness Place station to the southwest corner of 9th & Pearl. This station will serve to mitigate parking and transportation issues surrounding the new development taking place on the West End of Pearl Street.
    Thanks again to all of our generous Colorado Gives Day donors!
    Closest station to old site: UCAR Center Green
  • Become a Republic Rider, win a Lama Lid

    by Kevin Bell | Jun 27,2016
    In case you missed it, we had a bit of a moment in the sun recently:

    Dalai Lama
    Photo credit: Daily Camera

    Yup. That's His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in a Boulder B-cycle helmet, courtesy of Nutcase Helmets.

    To celebrate, every day this week (6/27—7/1), new and renewing (full-price) Republic Riders have a chance to win one of these super cool "Lama Lids."

    Here's how it works:
    • Log into your account or click that "start riding" button on the top right corner of this page.
    • Purchase or renew your Republic Rider (Annual) pass at full price.
    • You're automatically entered! We'll pick one winner every day this week from our new and renewing members.
    Please note that this promotion only applies to full-price pass purchases and is not valid for corporate membership or other discounted offers.

    Happy riding!
  • 5 days of fun & deals for our 5th anniversary!

    by Kevin Bell | May 12,2016
    Thanks for 5 awesome years!

    We're celebrating our fifth anniversary on Friday, May 20th! As a way of saying thank you to Boulder for five great years of bike sharing, we've put together five days of awesome events and deals starting Monday, May 16th.

    Here's the full schedule, and how to take advantage of each offer:

    • Monday, May 16th: Free 30-day trial for new riders!
      • Use promo code 5YEARS to get your first 30 days free when you sign up for a People's Pedaler (monthly) pass (normally $11).
      • This pass includes all trips under 30 minutes.
      • Each month after is just $11.
    • Tuesday, May 17th: Free lunch rides!
      • Day Tripper passes are free from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Normally $8)
      • No promo code needed: just walk up to any station and swipe your card!
      • Day Tripper passes include all trips under 30 minutes.
        • Overtime fees of $3 per half hour still apply.
    • Wednesday, May 18th: Free 30-minute trips for Casual Cruisers!
      • No promo code needed: Just use your B-card to check out bikes.
      • Casual Cruiser trips are normally $3 per half hour.
    • Thursday, May 19th: Happy Hour—No overtime fees from 5:00 PM to midnight for ALL pass types!
      • Take those long trips you've been craving!
      • Trips must start after 5:00 PM and end before Midnight to be eligible for this offer
      • No promo code needed! We'll waive your overtime fees.
      • Note: Casual Cruiser (pay-per-trip) pass holders will pay a flat $3 per trip rate, regardless of duration, during this period
    • Friday, May 20th: Buy one, get one free for all new and renewing Republic Rider (Annual) Passes!
      • Purchase or renew a Republic Rider pass at the $88 rate
      • Shoot us an email letting us know you've renewed
      • We'll send you a promo code for your second pass free!
      • Give your second pass to a friend or keep if for yourself—we aren't picky.

    Please note that these are one-day-only offers, so mark your calendars!

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