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  • Rider alert: New customer service tool

    by Kevin Bell | Jan 06,2017
    In response to the data we gathered in our 2016 System Improvement Survey, we're excited to announce the launch of a new customer service tool. It looks like this:

    The data in the survey was clear: some bike and station maintenance problems have been going unreported, in part because of issues of ease and comfort with our current phone and email options.

    Today, we're launching a new form that lets riders report non-urgent bike and station maintenance issues from their smartphone or desktop computer.

    Here's now it works:
    • Every time you successfully return a bike, you'll now receive an email confirming that successful return, along with a text message, if you've signed up for SMS alerts
    • Contained in that email/text will be a link to the new customer service form
    • In addition to reporting problems, this form will provide recommendations based on the type of problem you encounter
    This new tool is intended to fill in a gap. As always, the best course of action when you need immediate assistance is to call us.

    We hope you find this new tool helpful. If there's anything that you think we could do to improve your experience, please let us know.

    Happy riding!
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